Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bergman & Hitler YouTube Spoofs

Link To Subtitled Spoofs

The 2004 German war-drama flop "Der Untergang" (Downfall) has become the stuff of legends, thanks to clever, ingenious people playing around with its subtitles and then posting those clips on YouTube.

So why write something that's been done a million times already by others? Well, the answer is quite simple: I've done the subtitles for the ENTIRE movie, some 8 years ago. So I am one of the first people to do this - whether you want to believe me or not. It's just that only now did I finally get off my lazy ass and post some of it on the net. 

Here is the link:

On this link you will also find Ingmar Bergman's vastly overrated turds called The Passion Of Anna and Autumn Sonata, the entire movies, re-written back in 2006. I believe that even if I totally failed with the subtitles, i.e. even if all my dumb gags suck, I STILL improved these dull Swedish non-masterpieces significantly. In fact, now that it's got the Fedor8-Vjetropev treatment, the movies can finally be called classics. I bet Ingmar is spinning in his grave, wishing he had snuck into Serbia in the 70s and strangled me while I was still too small to defend myself.



The dumb little jokes I make about the Swedish in the Bergman clips should not be taken seriously at all. I have absolutely nothing against the Swedes; it just so happens that the movies are Swedish, as are all its main characters. If Bergman had been Polish I would have made dumb jokes about the Poles, or if he'd been Chinese I would have had a little fun with the Chinese, etc.

My apologies to any Swedes who might be offended i.e. take my silly subtitles too seriously.